Crystal Suncatcher Rainbow Maker Hanging Crystal Ornaments Feng Shui, Colorful Swarovski Crystals, Love My Daughter Charms, 4 Sets

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  • A complete crystal gifts for Sister made with 100% Authentic Swarovski crystals, faceted flawless prisms Strass signature
  • Crystal ornament 5 inches tall has 2 inch clear Swarovski crystal prism attached to clear crystal Lily Prisms cascade with Love My Daughter silver tag
  • Crystal sun catcher window hanging Rainbow Maker with 20mm clear Swarovski crystal faceted ball prism with I Love You silver tag
  • Crystal charms, Swarovski prisms, AB Crystal Snowflake and AB Crystal Heart with You Are My Angel silver tag attached
  • Package includes 4 sets of crystals along with an Authentication tag from Swarovski with unique serial number that certifies its authenticity. Packed well, ready to use

Ornament home & garden crystal Rainbow Decor collection made with 100% Authentic Swarovski crystal prisms the finest crystal in the world

To assure original quality, each Swarovski crystal prism carries the permanent laser-engraved Strass Quality Signature

Crystal materials containing 0.009% lead or less

Crystal Ornament Sun Catchers are attached to 10 inch chrome chain and each includes suction cup for easy hanging

A silver bail attached to each crystal charms makes it easy to use

Bring home a rainbow of colors with Swarovski prisms

*Laser Engrave with clear crystals 12 mm and above, colored crystal 18mm and above
No signature with the colors Bordeaux -Red, Jet Black and Emerald Green


A broad choice of shapes in sparkling and inspiring colors and various tantalizing effects made with Swarovski Strass crystals

  • • Dazzling hanging crystal ornament made with Swarovski Strass crystals
  • • Faceted prism that will bring sparkle to your place
  • • Creates rainbow of colors once exposed to direct light or sun
  • • Attached to modern beaded metal chain for easy hanging
  • • Ideal for home decoration, Feng Shui, hanging crystal ornament, gift for some one special and more


The leading manufacturer of precision-cut crystals that are used in the fashion and jewelry industries as well as in the world of lighting design, architecture, and interiors since 1895



Strass Quality Signature
To provide the assurance of original quality, Swarovski Lighting components carry the permanent, laser-engraved Quality Signature


Only cutting of the greatest precision is capable of lending crystal exceptional brilliance.
Exact faceting is required to wholly achieve the prismatic effect of the crystal and bring out its full beauty. The more precisely the crystal is cut, the greater its brilliance


Throughout its long history, Swarovski has pioneered technologies and accomplished visions that have made waves far beyond the bounds of its own industry

Now Swarovski is stepping forward to announce a dramatic change in the DNA of its crystal: the Advanced Crystal standard

A new, innovative lead-free* crystal composition, complying with current laws and regulations governing the use of certain substances in finished products in the most relevant segments of our customer’s business, and which is patented by Swarovski in the US, Japan and 16 European countries

* Crystal glass and all other materials containing 0.009 % lead or less

Adding a spark to living, One piece at a time with CrystalPlace iNNOVATIONS

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