How To Clean Your Crystal Chandelier

The Crystal Place recommends the use of Brillianté Crystal Cleaner for all your crystal chandelier and crystal cleaning needs. Brillianté Crystal Cleaner is a showroom tested formula developed for maintaining and preserving crystal and crystal chandeliers. The motorized power spray bottle is ideal for cleaning large chandeliers and lighting fixtures that previously needed to be disassembled and reassembled (Using Brillianté does not require chandelier parts to be disassembled and reassembled). Brillianté Crystal cleaner also works well as a glass and mirror surface cleaner.

Crystal Chandelier Cleaning using Brillianté: Chandelier Maintenance

    1. Turn off or unplug fixture. Allow light bulbs to cool. Tighten light bulbs to prevent moisture from entering sockets.

    2. Place a towel or other absorbent material underneath the fixture to catch the excess solution which may drop from the fixture.

    3. Hold sprayer 3-6 inches away from fixture. Generously spray fixture starting from the working your way up and then down until all surfaces are thoroughly coated.
    Keep the fixture stationary while you maneuver around it.

    4.Allow fixture to drip freely for 10-15 minutes. Use chamois to absorb/soak up any remaining cleaning solution. Allow fixture to dry thoroughly.

    5. If fixture is especially dirty, a second coat may need to be applied. Once fixture is clean, a quick application every other month is all it takes to keep your fixture brilliantly clean.

Crystal Chandelier Cleaning using Brillianté: Thorough Chandelier Cleaning Procedure

    1. The “White Glove Method” is a thorough annual cleaning process that also does not require removing crystal or chandelier parts.

    2. Lay a towel or blanket under your chandelier to protect your floor or anything that may fall from your chandelier.

    3. Put on clean white cotton gloves. Spray one glove with Brillianté Crystal Cleaner and keep one glove dry.

    4. Gently clean the crystal with the damp glove and use the other glove to immediately wipe crystal dry.

    5. Keep the fixture stationary as you rotate around the chandelier, cleaning it in sections. NEVER spin the chandelier.

Additional Chandelier Cleaning Tips:

    1. Keep in mind to never spin the fixture as this may cause the chandelier or its crystals to fall.

    2. Keep several spare white cotton gloves available.

    3. NEVER use an alcohol or ammonia based solution on your chandelier. This may ruin its finish and void any manufacturer warranty on the chandelier.

    4. After a thorough cleaning with the “White Glove method”, regular maintenance with Brillianté should keep your chandelier brilliantly clean.