Swarovski Beads & Gemstones

Swarovski fancy stones

Get your creativity with the Swarovski Fancy Stones range.

The sparkling rhinestones are used by designers worldwide in the jewelry and accessories industries. They are also ideal for adding finishing touches to clothing

Swarovski crystal pendants

Crystal pendants provide the finishing touch to your design

Add radiant accents simply and effectively to your jewelry design, home décor or fashion project with Swarovski crystal pendants. The crystal pendants are perfect for any design idea from necklaces, earrings and bracelets to the matching accessory for displaying at home.

Swarovski crystal beads

Swarovski Beads: Countless possibilities for the finest work.

Swarovski beads are versatile crystal beads with a uniquely sparkling cut. With their many colors, shapes, effects and styles, the crystal products in the beads range are captivating – and can be used in almost every industry.

Swarovski crystal sew-on stones

Sparkling sew-on articles, breathtaking accents

Swarovski sew-on stones, you can add sparkling accents to all kinds of textiles. The high quality loose crystals have integrated holes, through which they can be easily sewn or embroidered by hand or machine. The sew-on stones are also ideal for threading on tapes and cords and working with wire.

Swarovski flatback crystals

Swarovski No Hotfix: Discover high quality Flat back crystals

Swarovski No Hotfix stones have endless application possibilities. Make your design project shine and apply the rhinestones to textiles, wood, glass or choose one of the many crystal settings. The crystals can be part of an exclusive design for jewelry or can be applied to garments.

Swarovski crystal pearls

Enhance jewelry and fashion with Swarovski pearls

Swarovski pearls are the right choice for jewelry design, textile embellishment or interior decoration. They create a subtle, feminine, high class touch that blends well with casual looks, such as a denim outfit. The glass pearls perfectly imitate natural examples. Their shimmer looks authentic and, with their silky texture, they adapt to skin temperature when worn.

Swarovski crystal rocks

CrystalPlace Introduces Swarovski’s Crystal Rock a new generation of luxury fashion. A redefined design world, forged by individualism and versatility.

Swarovski’s Crystal Medley collection consists of multi-toned, cut and uncut crystals which contribute to a glamorous style for day- or evening wear. Discover how the millions of tiny crystals in Crystal Medley are reminiscent of the random shapes, irregularities and imperfections that occur naturally in forms that are found in nature.The Crystal Medley range will let your creative mind loose; get inventive with your own skillful customization techniques on these stunning Swarovski crystal elements.