Swarovski Crystal Pearls

Enhance jewelry and fashion with Swarovski pearls

Swarovski pearls are the right choice for jewelry design, textile embellishment or interior decoration. They create a subtle, feminine, high class touch that blends well with casual looks, such as a denim outfit. The glass pearls perfectly imitate natural examples. Their shimmer looks authentic and, with their silky texture, they adapt to skin temperature when worn.

The secret to making crystal pearls

Swarovski pearls possess a glass core treated with a special surface coating. The matte, glossy surface matches the timeless elegance of real pearls. The Swarovski range includes Crystal Baroque Pearls with an irregular shape for an even more natural look. Swarovski pearls also meet the highest standards in terms of durability. They are resistant to external influences such as UV radiation, scratches and perspiration.

Shapes and colors from Swarovski: cut glass pearls for every look

Just like natural pearls, Swarovski pearls are perfectly round, drop-shaped or pear-shaped and also come in flattened and semi-circular versions, in sizes from 3 to 12 mm. They are available with no hole (for example the Crystal NoHole Pearl in Rose Gold) while other imitation pearls in the range feature full, half or big hole versions with differing hole diameters. This choice allows for a variety of application options – such as setting, threading or sewing the crystal pearls.No matter if you want to achieve a classic or contemporary look, Swarovski offers crystal glass pearls in suitable colors. The 26 crystal pastel colors have a particularly fresh effect – a creamy tone like Crystal Creamrose goes well with feminine hair decoration, ballerina shoes or classic earrings. Our nine gemstone colors make a statement, including, for example, bright Coral Red or Lapis Lazuli Blue. Swarovski pearls with the iridescent shimmer effect are particularly striking. Discover for example Crystal Scarabaeus Green: A fascinating color – exclusively created for Swarovski by designer Jean Paul Gaultier.

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