Swarovski Crystal Rocks

CrystalPlace Introduces Swarovski’s Crystal Rock a new generation of luxury fashion. A redefined design world, forged by individualism and versatility.

The collections of cut and uncut crystals infuse jewelry and accessories with a high-octane edge.

The full collection of innovative crystalline designs include.

Swarovski’s Crystal Medley Collection

Swarovski’s Crystal Medley collection consists of multi-toned, cut and uncut crystals which contribute to a glamorous style for day- or eveningwear. Discover how the millions of tiny crystals in Crystal Medley are reminiscent of the random shapes, irregularities and imperfections that occur naturally in forms that are found in nature.

The Crystal Medley range will let your creative mind loose; get inventive with your own skilful customization techniques on these stunning Swarovski crystal elements.

For some people, the tightly clustered mix of PP14 and PP29 double-pointed chatons recreates the magical look of icy surfaces. To others, it suggests a twinkling night sky. In darker tones, this gives eveningwear a rich sensuality; for daywear, fashion accessories and new segments, it brings a mysterious glamour that is perfectly in step with the current trend towards organic, tactile effects.

When two different medley effects are used in the same design, there’s even greater scope for artistry. Crystal Medley also looks stunning when combined with existing products. Even better for those who are looking for an individual motif treatment, as customization possibilities are available.

The Crystal Rocks Family

The ultra-modern Crystal Rocks family comprises the ever-popular Crystal Rocks and Crystal Fine Rocks, together with newcomer Crystal Ultrafine Rocks-it.

Swarovski’s collection of refined crystal rocks can be used in crystal jewelry designs, ideal for intricate textile applications.

Collectively, they make super-luxurious design treatments possible through the use of densely positioned double-pointed Chatons in varying sizes. With smooth surface and edges, their irregular arrangement gives a unique, shimmering sparkle across a range of colors and effects, perfectly suited to accessories, jewelry, interiors, textiles, and new segments.

Crystal Rocks and Crystal Fine Rocks are now joined by the new Crystal Ultrafine Rocks-it. Fueled by the rise in music festivals, a free-spirited, glam-rock style is merging with gender-fluidity and a cool, devil-may-care attitude, as consumers rediscover a desire to flaunt and express themselves. Crystal Ultrafine Rocks-it conveys a sense of nonchalant energy and edgy opulence, capturing the anti-establishment mood that’s rocking the design world.

Motif Design Inspiration

With enhanced brilliance thanks to the high density of crystal coverage (40 per cent more crystals than Crystal Fine Rocks), together with its thinness, lightness of weight and flexibility, Crystal Ultrafine Rocks-it is ideal for the textile segment, with its 3.4mm width making even filigree designs possible.

Scroll through our assortment of Swarovski motif inspirations below.

Crystal Fine Mesh by Swarovski

Swarovski and fashion have been synonymous with each other for the last 60 years. Popular designers across the globe have been so inspired by the crystal magic that they have developed their creations using sparkling Swarovski elements.

22 years ago, this creative collaboration reached its first peak, with Swarovski consolidating its status as a driver of crystalline design innovations by presenting “Crystal Mesh”; a sparkling yet flexible crystal fabric. “Crystal Mesh” can be applied with ease on many different materials, either by heat (the Hotfix version) or by gluing or sewing (the No Hotfix version), so that an ordinary dress can be transformed into an extraordinary outfit ready for the red carpet. Predestined for grandeur!

This innovation carved out a brand new area for high-glamour fashion. Even today, “Crystal Mesh” remains one of the most sought-after Swarovski products, appealing to all the top designers. One of many reasons for this is the product’s great variety, with three different casings and 60 colors offering an endless range of possibilities.

In 2014, Swarovski developed this innovation and introduced Crystal Fine Mesh. Thousands of XILION chatons as small as size PP9 are connected to an extremely smooth, flowing material that can be handled like silk or other luxury fabrics. Its premiere on the Atelier Versace Fall/Winter 2014 catwalk in Paris amazed industry experts. A few months later, Gwen Stefani brought Crystal Fine Mesh to the Emmy Awards’ red carpet with an Atelier Versace creation. Many celebrities have since followed suit and Swarovski has established itself as an ultimate symbol of high-glamour fashion.

From monochrome to multicolor

The evolution of Crystal Fine Mesh is far from over, with 36 colors and 16 effects now availableincluding the most popular motifs for garments and accessories: animal prints. For a long time it was almost regarded as sacrilege to use these prints in high fashion, but that’s now a thing of the past. Animal prints offer designers the opportunity to give an elegant outfit that special touch, or to transform a standard animal print into a luxury design. Whatever the aim, Swarovski’s Crystal Fine Mesh is always the right choice for creating a premium fashion product.

Swarovski Synthetics Coldfix: For Surfaces Unsuitable For Hotfix

It’s just what everyone has been waiting for—a highly effective adhesive that makes it possible to apply Synthetic products to difficult textile and leather surfaces in an instant. A Fall/Winter 2019/20 product innovation, Synthetic Coldfix was developed by Swarovski to be used in situations where Hotfix doesn’t work. This includes heat- and pressure-sensitive materials such as silk, cashmere and wool, as well as genuine and artificial leathers that are not resistant to the minimum application temperature for Synthetic products of 140ºC (285ºF). Materials with low absorbency, too, including Lycra®, neoprene and fabrics treated with a water-repellent coating.

Materials suited for Coldfix

New Swarovski Synthetic Coldfix opens up a great range of creative possibilities for apparel and accessories. For example, thanks to needing only minimal pressure and little or no heat, it is now possible to embellish or customize finished products in-store or at fashion pop-ups. Try it on caps, bags and belts, as well as clothing. Coldfix can make shopping a fun event by tapping into the trend for bespoke products and experiences. It is equally suitable for experimenting with DIY looks at home. It has never been easier to add exciting crystallized embellishment to designs.

Coldfix Application

Coldfix is available for dazzling Swarovski Crystal Fabric and Swarovski Crystal Fine Rocks in a range of colors and effects, and it has a transformative effect on all kinds of materials. Simply press down with a rubber roller, and full bonding strength will be reached in 72 hours at room temperature. If a faster result is required, a heat press can be used on the reverse side at 90ºC (195ºF), achieving maximum strength in 12 hours. As well as being a quick and easy way to add glamorous sparkle to a vast range of products, Coldfix can usefully be washed: first turn the item inside out and use a mild detergent, choosing a gentle cycle up to 30ºC (90ºF). To protect the crystals even more, a soft wash bag is recommended. Do not use chlorine bleach.

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