Swarovski Fancy Stones

Fancy Stones: Sparkling gemstones for jewelry and accessories

Get your creativy with the Swarovski Fancy Stones range. The sparkling rhinestones are used by designers worldwide in the jewelry and accessories industries. They are also ideal for adding finishing touches to clothing – for example bridal fashions.

These unique Swarovski glass gemstones are precision-cut crystals crafted to ensure the highest quality levels, color intensity and brilliance using the patented, lead-free* Advanced Quality Standard. They are designed with facets or flat backs. The products can be glued into preformed cavities or used with Swarovski settings specially developed for the respective crystal. The use of and application options for Fancy Stones and its numerous settings are almost unlimited. Choose your gemstone and the matching setting for your Swarovski rhinestone – and upgrade your design.

* Crystal glass and all other materials contain 0.009 % (90ppm) lead or less

Swarovski Fancy Stones – an inspiring variety of colors and shapes

Whether you need a high quality Swarovski cut in gemstone style, geometric shapes or cosmic symbols, the extraordinary range of Fancy Stones scarcely leaves a wish unfulfilled. Altogether some 70 different shapes are available in the online shop – from the romantic Swarovski Xilion Heart to the striking Shell Fancy Stone. Every single design is available in a multitude of sizes, effects and colors.

Set unending creative inspiration free with Fancy Stones and use the unsurpassed perfection of gemstones in your business.

High quality Swarovski settings for sparkling crystals

Step by step: how to create highlights

Setting loose crystals is an important step in the design of eye-catching garments, glittering accessories and precious shimmering decorative elements. No matter whether you sew or embroider your Swarovski rhinestones on textiles by hand or sewing machine, solder them together with Cupchains or simply thread them thanks to the integrated eyelets – the right setting is crucial to the success of every sparkling design.

At Swarovski, you will find an extensive range of high quality settings, which will make this indispensable step easier and enables countless design options.

Swarovski settings – as unique as your creativity

Are you planning a spectacular necklace made of sparkling fancy stones in a playful clover shape? Would you like to refine an elegant evening dress with colorful flat backs? Or turn a simple leather belt into an ornate showstopper with iridescent gemstones? At Swarovski, you will find the right setting for every loose crystal and every design project.

Whether Round Stones, Flat Backs Hotfix or No Hotfix, Sew-On Stones or Fancy Stones: Each of your exclusive crystals is prepared for further work with one of our precisely fitting, flawless and easy-to-shape gemstone settings – all with Swarovski's proven premium quality.

Setting shapes and metals

Swarovski's collection of first-class jewelry settings leaves nothing to be desired: The product range includes, for example, styles in many diameters, of different metal alloys and with various surfaces. It ranges from classic brass frames to variants made from the latest tombac alloy, which is ideal for brazing silver.

Rhodium-plated or gold-plated, ungalvanized or with a closed or open back, with or without holes: Discover the impressive variety of original Swarovski settings in numerous shapes and variations so your design remains consistent to the smallest detail.

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