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1. How do I order products from your company?

The best way to order is by using our user-friendly secure Website. Your receipt and your shipping information will be automatically generated by e-mail.

2. May I customize chandeliers I saw on your web site?

Yes, we offer customization on many of our chandeliers. This includes adding crystals, changing the colors of the crystals and light alterations. Please email us your request once placing order. 

3. When can I expect to receive my order?

We ship orders within one business day followed by tracking number and ship date. However, special orders and crystal chandelier could take a little longer. We will inform you via email the status and expected ship date.

4. What happens if the item I want is Out of Stock?

We try to stock all of our products. However, sometimes we are sold out of a certain item. If we are out of stock on a certain item, we will send you an email update immediately to let you know. You then have the option of choosing a different item or, you can keep your order in place

5. How are your chandeliers packed for shipment?

Our highly trained warehouse staff takes great care in packing and shipping your order. We secure all crystals in protective trays to prevent any damage during shipping. Large chandeliers are packed in wooden crates and secured to a pallet, minimizing the possibility that the chandelier will be harmed during shipment.

6. Is assembly required with my purchase?

Some chandeliers need no assembly at all. Others may need light assembly to hang crystals and/or crystal strands. When you purchase a crystal chandelier, the crystal strands will be prepared and ready to hang on your chandelier. Each crystal chandelier that requires assembly will come with its own clear instructions showing where to hang each crystal and/or crystal strand.

7. How do I handle the crystals while assembling?

To prevent loss of brilliance, before handling crystals, please remember to wear the gloves that we provide with your chandelier. This will prevent perspiration or grease from your fingers smearing the crystals.

8. How do I calculate the correct chandelier for my room?

Dining Room Tables:
Table seats 4-6 - Choose a chandelier between 20" - 24"
Table seats 6-8 - Choose a chandelier between 25" - 29"
Table seats 8-10 - Choose a chandelier between 30" - 36"
The recommended height your chandelier should be above dining table is: 28" - 32"
Two story Foyer: 10' - 11' above the floor

9. Where are your chandeliers designed?

Our chandeliers are dressed, packed and shipped from our facility in Van Nuys, California.

10. How long is the warranty on your products?

Our chandeliers are made from the finest quality materials and workmanship. We are so confident in our customers' satisfaction that we offer a 10 year warranty on all our Chandeliers against tarnishing or factory defects. Please remember: It is your responsibility to care for and clean your chandelier properly. When cleaning your chandelier, please use the soft cloth (chamois) included with your package. If you have misplaced it, you can use a dry or damp cloth and use water only.

WARNING: Do not use cleaning products that contain alcohol or ammonia as they will destroy the protective finish on the chandelier. This will void the warranty. Environmental conditions can also impact the condition of your chandelier and may void your warranty. See question number #12 on how to clean your chandelier

11. Should I hire an electrician to install my chandelier?

Yes, we strongly recommend that you use a licensed electrician to do the electrical installation of your chandelier. Some customers hire an electrician to install and dress their chandeliers. Once the installation has been completed, many customers prefer to dress the chandeliers themselves with our easy to follow instructions sheet.

12. How do I clean my chandelier?

Wash the crystal carefully, one piece at a time, in warm water and mild soap or detergent. Dry immediately with a clean, lint free cloth. Any remaining water spots can be removed with a moistened chamois.
Another way to clean your crystal chandelier is by spraying it with Crystal Cleaner Spray (Available in our Chandelier Cleaner category). We advise that you cover the area underneath the chandelier with plastic before spraying to protect the area from getting wet. Do not use metal polishes, cleaners, abrasives, aerosol sprays, ammonia, glass cleaner, etc, as this will harm your chandelier & will void the warranty.

13. Are your products UL Listed?

Yes, all of our products are UL Listed.