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Brilliante Crystal Cleaner was researched and formulated in Southern California in 1993 by CrystalPlace and has proven to be as the most dependable crystal chandelier cleaner product in today’s global market.
Brilliante Crystal works well for all Commercial and Residential application and it is made proudly in USA

Brilliante Crystal Cleaner:
For those who have crystal chandeliers or delicate porcelain items that need a special type of cleaner, most of the cleaning products contain small amounts of toxic materials. While the toxins are not in sufficient amounts to cause health issues immediately, over time they can build up in the home and contribute to the indoor air pollution that affects your lungs.
Today, there is a new cleaning product that does not use toxic materials, is environmentally safe, and cleans your crystal and porcelain items quickly and thoroughly leaving behind a beautiful shine. Brilliante Crystal Cleaner offers a welcome alternative to traditional cleaning products.

What is Brilliante Crystal Cleaner?
Brilliante Crystal Cleaner is designed primarily to clean crystal chandeliers without wiping. The product is made from safe, natural product which means that it does not contribute to the pollution level of the indoor air in your home or office.
Just spray it on and the product goes to work, removing the dust easily. All you need to do is apply Brilliante Crystal Cleaner and the product does the rest.

Unlike typical glass cleaners, Brilliante offers several benefits that really brings out the best in crystal chandeliers and figurines, porcelain, artificial plants, and more. The key is the unique formula used that provides the cleaning action without the drawbacks found in standard crystal or glass cleaning products.
  • Ammonia and Alcohol Free
  • Drip Dry Formula
  • Safe for the Environment
  • Lemon Fresh Scent
  • Easy to Use

The lack of ammonia or alcohol means that the product is not only safe to use, but also does not leave behind an unpleasant odor. This is where the lemon fresh scent comes into play as it is more pleasing and brings with it the feeling of the crystal being fully cleaned. Brilliante is easy to use, simply apply it as you would any other cleaner. The drip dry formula means that any excess will quickly evaporate leaving behind a beautiful shine.
The product is also non-abrasive which means that there are no scratches created when using it on various items, including your crystal chandelier. You may wipe off the item after the cleaner has been applied, but that is not necessary as the special drip dry formula works to remove the dust on its own.

The biggest selling points of Brilliante Crystal Cleaner start with its effectiveness without having to wipe the crystal or porcelain which may cause damage. The non-corrosive formula means that you can use it time and again without damaging the item.
If you are looking to clean your crystal chandelier, delicate porcelain, and the like, Brilliante Crystal Cleaner is the product for you. It’s environmentally safe and works fast to clear away the dust and smudges so that your crystal and porcelain items shine. In addition, the lemon fresh scent is pleasing and the product itself is a welcome addition to your home

Brilliante Cleans
Crystal chandeliers
Lighting fixtures
Crystal figurines
Porcelain chandeliers
Artificial flowers
Mirrors & Glass

Brilliante Does not clean
Food Greece
Burn Spot
Tarnished metal parts
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  • Real crystals (not plastic)
  • Amazing Brilliance
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